Saturday, September 23, 2006


No doubt someone who suffers from snake phobia (ophidiophobia) would be startled and terrified to find poisonous coral snakes in the bathroom. Even if they do happen to be imaginary.
I have always loves snakes, since I was a wee tyke. My parents tell me, that when I was about 7 or 8 and we lived in Maryland, I brought home a baby copperhead in my lunchbox. I don't really recall this very clearly but evidently I attempted to assure them that I knew how to handle poisonous snakes. Here I am as an enraptured schoolgirl gazing at my favorite reptile.

I tried to make this a black and white painting thinking I needed to try something other than the overly bright colors I normally use. But I couldn't finish it as b&w (it gave me a headache, like when you need caffeine), so gave in to my instincts and painted color over the black and white piece.

acrylic on a 6 by 8 inch board

Monday, September 18, 2006


These are some items I brought home from Italy. A little pear juice bottle, a small glass dish and some Euro coins.

I hadn't finished any paintings since July. The room that I paint in is small, with very little storage space. And since I have problems with throwing stuff out, my room had gradually become so cluttered and crowded that I would drag my paints out to the dining room so that I wouldn't have to work in here. Then I decided to get the room cleaned up and not do any artwork until it was finished. If you have the stomach for the squalor I was working in you can see it here (as well as the after pictures).

Acrylic paint on an 8 by 8 inch board.

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