Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Warthog step aerobics.

Acrylic paint on an 8 by 6 inch board.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Amphipod at Cinque Terre

I haven't finished a painting or participated in Illustration Friday in more than a year. My father died January 6, 2008, then my mother-in-law in February. The loss of my father has resulted in the blunting of my creative impulses. I have six unfinished paintings; I couldn't summon the desire or skills needed to complete them.
Then recently I found an old drawing of an amphipod that I made years ago when I was working in a lab identifying invertebrates. I made up my mind to combine the amphipod with images from a photo I took in Italy in 2006.
I'm not crazy about this, it seems to need more work, but it's a start since painting and drawing are what will make me happy again.
(Oh, and I think eggs might be contained in her abdomen.)

acrylic and ink on 9x12 inch panel

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